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Country Park at the Wixams

Houghton Conquest, Marston, Millbrook, Stewartby and Wixams development

Country Park at the Wixams

Postby CraftsbyCarolyn » Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:21 pm

I see that they are planning a Country Park at the Wixams: ... -1-3955440

PLANS to build up to 500 new homes, along with a country park with additional community facilities at Wixams Village, have been revealed in a new planning document.

Central Bedfordshire Council has published a list of sites in its Development Strategy, which have been put forward by developers in response to a “call for sites” earlier this year.

The list of sites is set to go through a consultation period, which begins next week, and the council is encouraging everyone to have their say.

The site that has been highlighted as land to the south of the Wixams Southern Expansion Land, which lies on the border between Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough.

Potential development for the site that has been put forward are 500 dwellings - 35 per cent of them affordable housing - a country park, primary school, 3.5 hectares of employment land, a mixed use local centre, and an energy centre.

But Elstow parish councillor Tony Hare, who has been involved with the Wixams development since the beginning, said: “This news has come as a bit of a surprise, I wasn’t aware of the development.

“I think to talk about building more houses there is not a very good idea, it does not have the infrastructure to support it. The only access road is really the A6. There needs to be more of a support network in place before they think about building more.”

Central Beds Council is asking the public for its views on the strategy this summer, which sets out how it will plan the number and location of jobs and homes across Central Bedfordshire between 2011 and 2031.

Executive member for sustainable planning and economic development at Central Beds, Councillor Nigel Young, said: “We know how much our residents love the area they live in, but we also know they are concerned about things too.

“Fears about job prospects have doubled in the past two years and families are worried whether it will ever be possible for the next generation to get on the housing ladder.

“Thanks to new powers we are no longer required to meet housing targets imposed by central government. We are masters of our own destiny and have reduced the scale of planned development, whilst also ensuring there will be enough new and affordable homes.” we need another? We all have to pay for these, and we in Ampthill pay for the park too? they could come and use our park and they wouldn't have to pay a bean :)
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Re: Country Park at the Wixams

Postby jensen » Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:52 pm

not sure my earlier post went through!
so if not heres my point: the country park is there to protect houghton conquest village< to stop further development from the wixams to join up with the village. country parks such as these are not paid for by us : but by planting schemes, such as the marston vale trust< goverment tree planting schemes and developer trust schemes> if you lived in houghton conquest< and especically mill lane, or duck end close you would welcome this plan, and the fact that we in the village will be able to access all the benefits that the wixams brings, ie the new train station, by foot , bike etc, without being swallowed up by it !! has to be a bonus !!
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Re: Country Park at the Wixams

Postby SCRABBLER » Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:29 pm

It seems to me from the foregoing, that Councillor Hare is making the same points with regard to the 500 houses and lack of infrastructure, that people here in Ampthill are making about the development of Warren Farm. However, there is a difference. When the Wixams was agreed the proposal always envisaged that there would be Schools, Medical facillities, Shops etc., to be built along side of the housing. In the case of the Warren Farm, Ampthill Heights etc., no extra infrastructure seems to have been allowed for, unless some of this has been agreed by the Builders in their overall plan. Perhaps we should suggest that as these
500 houses are such a surprise to Councillor Hare, and as the Wixams has not yet been developed to it's full potential, Central Beds should consider putting off giving planning permission for Warren Farm in lieu. :AA
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Re: Country Park at the Wixams

Postby jensen » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:30 am

good point, the wixams is a stand alone development, with comprehensive infrastucture for schools, shops, food store, and esp the train station. village one and two have taken shape really well, and the overal landscaping is allowing a very sensitive development to be delivered , on what was a huge brown field site.
the proposed country park , as long as it is delivered ahead of any other housing, due to the time it takes to esatblish will allow the public to finally access all the other park areas, in houghton conquest, and create a network of green access route, for bikes, horses etc, which in turn should please all the car drives as well !
i believe that the council should be congratulated in bringing the park forward< as i know how long marston forest centre took to be planted and grow ! and its not often we can praise the council !!
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Re: Country Park at the Wixams

Postby Sveti » Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:37 pm

SCRABBLER wrote:Central Beds should consider putting off giving planning permission for Warren Farm

Yes, totally agree Scrabbler, good point.
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