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Email problems

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Email problems

Postby ampthilladmin » Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:04 pm

The site appears to be experiencing intermittent problems with its email system. In particular, emails are not always being sent when they should be e.g. authentication emails to new users. Also I don't always receive emails sent to the email address. Whilst my website host investigates the problem (don't hold your breath :roll: )
I have substituted my personal address at various places on the site - so I should at least receive incoming emails. However, that doesn't get over the problem of emails being sent from the site, so if you are a new user trying to register and you don't receive your automatic authentication email then use one of the email links on the site homepage and let me know and I'll complete the authentication process.

Don't forget you can also contact the site through Twitter @AroundAmpthill
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